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DynFilter components add to the database applications the functionality of quick and simple data search. To use it, the user specifies the filter qualifiers by entering the appropriate data with the help of Edit, ListBox, CompoBox, CheckBox, or RadioGroup controls, and, depending on the user's gradual changes to the search criteria, the search results will respectively be refreshed.

The use of DynFilter components is very effective in situations where the user can search records from the database, for example specifiying goods or clients on the sales documents, finding documents from the database, but also compiling simpler reports according to specified parameters. In this case the user enters search criteria into the relevant controls and can view the specified search results using ordinary data-aware components. The search criteria are fully automated and logical "<", "<=", ">", ">=", "=", as well as comparing strings "equals", "starts", "includes". Filtering strings may or may not be case-sensitive. Several criteria may be applied to one field simultaneously, in this case each criterion is represented by a respective control.


DynFilter components enable to add to the database applications that are being created using Delphi and C++ Builder, a very handy tool for searching data or calculating simpler reports on the basis of the data that is gradually being specified by the user. Although adding similar functionality without DynFilter components is not very complicated, it involves rather extensive, tedious and monotonous programming. When using DynFilter components, such functionality can be added by simply using these components, without having to write a single line of programme code! As a result, the time spent on creating marketable applications is shortened, the probability of programming errors is lessened, and the developer can concentrate on practical programming instead of having to write tediously similar codes over and over again for every database field and each search criterion.

As the components are structured as typical VCL components and completed with help-files and detailed examples with specific comments on the use of main functions, the learning time needed prior to their use is minimal. Client-friendly licensing policy enables to get to know the components fully prior to making the purchase decision, and determine on their suitability for the particular task. After the purchase, there is no need to make changes in the already compiled projects or install any additional components - you simply enter the license key and recompile the projects.