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All the components offered by us are commercial products and to use them licensing is needed. The unlicensed components are fully functional, the only difference compared to licensed components is that they show and print respective messages. As long as the existence of such messages is not a distraction, the use of unlicensed components is allowed. This means that the testing of the components, their use for private or educational purposes is free of charge. One generation of components needs single licensing -- one user - private or legal person needs only one license. For instance, if there are three programmers working in the company who use two copies of Delphi 5 and one copy of C++ Builder 4, and you wish that they could use the FReport components, then one license is enough for all three programmers. The same license key can be used for new subversions. When we publish the FReport of the next generation that contains a considerable amount of additional functionality, a new license must be obtained.